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All my artworks are unique pieces

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"To create, this is simply for me the nicest way to be "

Similarly to travelling I live my creativity like one endless exploration. I have always had sculpture in idea in my mind and I feel primarly and deeply as a sculptor. Being in real symbiosis with the material. Feeling the echo. I experiment clay, stone carving, art photography, luminaire design, painting continously, with spontaneity, enjoying each and every single moment.

I also love to play, revisit, find another way and to surprise. This is essential for me to use my hands and to try any new material.  Much more than the finality this is the way fully experimented, with happiness and curiosity.

The discovery is a strong feeling and full of surprises, and the time is really precious. To me, sculpting is the most complete exercise. Painting allows a lot of freedom and to feel joy. Art photography is a way to find the essence of one artwork.

"No doubt there is one discipline, the one to always go ahead and make it the best as possible"

These are the hands which open the way...where patience and humility remain the key words. There is a big part dedicated to feeling, intuition and maybe the magic of the moment.

"Art is also one extraordinary human experience to share with people from all over the world !"
Self taught artist in all the disciplines.
I am also interested in monumental sculpture and painting, Art therapy, Art and new technologies, education, international exhibitions, artist residency projects. I speak English, Spanish, French. And where it is going to take me I am going to go ...

I wish you a nice visit and thank you for coming !